To achieve the objectives of the project and address the needs of the target groups, PeerCare will develop two intellectual outputs enabling, on one hand, informal caregivers to develop competencies related to Emotional Intelligence and, on the other hand, providing tools for supporters of informal caregivers to deploy this training in their local communities.

O1. Peer training on Emotional Intelligence for informal caregivers
The “Peer training on Emotional Intelligence for informal caregivers” will be a training pathway based on gamification approach and focused on three main attributes that define Emotional Intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation and motivation. The training will be integrated in an online peer networking community (like forum or blog) where users will have the opportunity to share knowledges, experiences, and feelings, and go out from the loneliness and isolation that this collective often suffers.

O2. Emotional Intelligence for informal caregivers – Training for trainers
The Handbook “Emotional Intelligence for informal caregivers – Training for trainers” will be addressed to all those persons who, in a non-formal or informal way, as professionals or volunteers, work with family caregivers with the objective to improve their Emotional Intelligence and increase their social support and network. While the caregivers training (O1) will be available online for caregivers’ self-learning and peer-training, face-to-face training sessions may be organised within the activity of the organisations working with familiars of dependent people.