Welcome to the Training on Emotional Intelligence for Informal Caregivers! 
The main objective of this training program is to offer caregivers resources and knowledge so that they are able to manage their emotions and gain quality in the provided care and in their lives. We offer you a set of resources that will help you explore and learn more about emotional intelligence and emotions management. In addition, in the Community section, you can find other caregivers with whom you can exchange experiences, ideas, resources … learning from each other. 

Do you want to know how it works? Take a look at this video!

Module 1: Emotional Intelligence

1.1. What is emotional intelligence? (video)
1.2. Emotional Intelligence (lesson)
1.3. Self-assessment (gamification)
1.4. Starting to see the change (case study)
1.5. Life changes (case study)
1.6. Everyday problems (case study)

Module 2: Managing Stress

2.1. Types of Stress and their effects(video)
      2.1.a Testimonial (video)
2.2. Managing Stress (lesson)
2.3. Self-assessment (gamification)
2.4. Balance Between Two Lives (case study)
2.5. Stressful Situation (case study)

Module 3: Dealing with Difficult People

3.1. Managing difficult behavior (video)
      3.1.a Testimonial (video)
3.2. Dealing with Difficult People (lesson)
3.3. Self-assessment (gamification)
3.4. Patience: A Virtue (case study)
3.5. Difficult Mum (case study)

Module 4: Acknowledging Differences

4.1. Prejudices and Stereotypes (video)
4.2. Acknowledging Differences (lesson)
4.3. Self-assessment (gamification)
4.4. Understanding Disabilities (case study)
4.5. Is that joining society or mingling in the society? (case study)

Module 5: How to Deal with My Emotions

5.1. Manage Emotions (video)
5.2. How to Deal with My Emotions (lesson)
5.3. Self-assessment (gamification)
5.4. The Burden of a New Life (case study)
5.5. Caged (case study)