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    If you prefer you can download the case study from here.

    Concepts and skills introduced
    • Difficult situations and persons and how to deal with it.
    • Control techniques for a difficult character.
    • Conflict resolution
    • Empathy.

    Situation & Exercise
    Cami (45) take care of her mum (86), who has a beginning of dementia with Alzheimer’s and stay most of the time in the apartment, because she can’t stay too much time on her legs.
    Cami took her mum in the place where she live with her husband and her son many years ago. She helped a lot with her son when he was a baby, and now all of them help her mum.
    Official her mum can do everything in the house. She go alone to the toilet and bath, she can prepare food or put the washing machine in function. And she want to do everything in the house. This is one of her big problem. Because she make the food, put on fire, and forgot about it, until Cami find it or the food start to smell burned. They have tried to make her to not cook anymore, but all of them talking to a wall. They do not understand with her at all. Or if she want to make a bath, she go in the bath, put the stopper, let go of the water and forgot about this. And if they said something to her, sometimes she start to scream.
    Few months ago Cam, took her mum to a nursing home. She stayed there for only 24 hours. After they leave her to the nursing home she start to throw objects into people. She refuse to eat and request to go home. So Cami go and took her at home.
    She and her husband have make their work program in that way that all the time someone to be at home to avoid any disaster.
    It is a little bit difficult for them to have or to go in holidays, because they should take Cami’s mum with them where they want to go.

    Now that you have read about this case, try to reflect on what happened within the framework of the dealing with a difficult character you have acquired through PeerCare.
    Try to reflect on these issues:
    • What you should do if you are in Cami’s situation?
    • In your opinion, what can Cami do to make her mum to take into consideration Cami’s family needs and requests?
    • What can Cami improve on her daily actions to have a life with her family?


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    I found the debates with real life situations very important in this course. I learned to see things from a different perspective.

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