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    If you prefer you can download the case study from here.

    Concepts and skills introduced
    • Stress and how to deal with it.
    • My emotions in stressful situations.
    • Emotion and rational thinking

    Situation & Exercise
    Gabi has 68. She take care of an old relative Dan (88) who suffer of Alzheimer and dementia with Levy bodies. He is also cardiac having heart problems for more than 20 years, have arthritis and he is still a choleric person.
    Gabi stay nearly the apartment of Dan, but more than 10-14 hours /day stay or do different things for Dan: changing diaper 2-5 times/day, washing him daily on foots because of the problems with arthritis, prepare the food, cleaning the house, washing, shopping, doctors, etc.
    Since 2015 she do not have Sundays or Holidays, not even one day free for herself. Dan is calm, but suddenly become anger from nothing. He forget his name and her name, most of the time he is in a parallel universe. He can do nothing so everything is on Gabi’s shoulders. The only good thing is that he take some heart pills in the evening who make him to sleep many hours.
    A usual day starts at 7 and ends at 20-22, depends of Dan’s condition. There are good days, but most of them are bad days. She must prepare all the 3 meals/day and give him to eat, because he do not want to use his hands. After that she must wash him and change his diaper. Sometimes – but in the last period the situation have multiplied and she became stressed – he take off his new diaper and make his physiological things in bed. So, he must be changed again. The bed must be cleaned, etc. And he smile. If she said something to him he become suddenly anger and starts to scream. So she try to stay calm, thinking that he is a very sick person, but she say that she have some days when she fail. You can see on her face that she is very tired and tensioned.
    When she go shopping or at an appointment with a doctor she is stressed because sometimes he likes to go in the kitchen and open the gas cooker. And there is the possibility that the gas supplier to make some unannounced checks and stop and open the gas supply.
    There are days when Dan did not find what he want and start to scream, and she come and find the things near him or under the pillow. If she said something to him, he start to laugh and make stupid jokes.
    She had tried few times to meet with her friends but when she must go at the meeting, Dan feels bad suddenly or have some stomach problems. So her level of stress increase.
    Of course, she must do thigs for her home too. “Between the water drops”, she said. But there are some days when she go home directly to bed, without eating or washing.

    Now that you have read about this case, try to reflect on what happened within the framework of the Managing stress you have acquired through PeerCare.
    Try to reflect on these issues:
    • What you should do if you are in Gabi’s situation?
    • In your opinion, what can Gabi do to reduce her level of stress?
    • What can Gabi improve on her daily actions to have a life not so stressed?
    • What she can do to obtain more free time for herself?

    Patrick F.

    It’s a difficult situation, because of course she wants to take care of the loved one, but it is crucial to remember to put oneself as the priority in life, and therefore we will have a lot more strength to take care of others. She should do more things for her self and find support for her own need and desires, maybe finding someone to share the responsibilities with her.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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