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    If you prefer you can download the case study from here.

    Concepts and skills introduced
    – Conceptualization and understanding of Emotional Intelligence.
    – Emotional Intelligence in everyday life.
    – Introduction to empathy.

    Situation & Exercise
    Antoine is a 74-year-old man from Tours, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about a year ago. Having enjoyed a good life and being possessed of a hardy constitution, he is still physically spry. Mentally,
    however, he is still mostly lucid and functional, but, every now and then, he forgets things.

    Seeing that, although they have caught it early, her father’s Alzheimer’s is only ever going to worsen, Lucille (age 50) has decided to bring him to her family home, so that she and her husband -since they need to take turns, given the fact that both work- can keep an eye on her father. Antoine is quite happy with the situation, as he is still quite capable of taking care of himself regarding cooking, cleaning and doing general chores around the house, which is an intimately familiar environment.

    In one of his worse days, however, Antoine’s illness prevents him from remembering where he left his pillbox, and therefore does not take his medication. Luc, Lucille’s husband, arrives home stressed from work, and asks whether or not Antoine has taken his pills today. Antoine, through no fault of his own, fails to acknowledge that he is even ill, and insists on the fact.

    As the discussion escalates, Luc storms off and rummages around the house until he finds the pills. Upon seeing that Antoine has indeed not taken his daily dose, he goes back to him and orders him to do so. Naturally, Antoine is confused by this, since he is not aware of needing to take any medication.

    Luc has had enough already and wants to go to sleep, since he has an important meeting to attend next morning, and so, he decides to try to argue his way to make Antoine take the pills. Faced with Luc’s aggressive temper, Antoine is increasingly reluctant to take his medication -highly suspicious of Luc’s intentions-, and, eventually, Luc gives up and goes off to sleep, leaving Antoine quite nervous, fearful and confused.

    Now that you have been presented with this case, try to reflect on what happened within the framework of the emotional intelligence skills you have acquired through PeerCare. Imagine you were in Luc’s shoes;
    – Do you think he reacted adequately in that situation?
    – Do you think he was able to effectively exercise self-control in that situation?
    – Would you say that Luc’s emotional awareness is high or low?

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    I would say that this case is very complicaed, but common! Lossing patience is easy, speacially when you had a long day, but it’s important to practice some self-control, in this case, Luc wasn’t able to do that. There are days were things are going to be better than others, it’s important to be calm and remeber that Antoine is not guilty of his condicion.

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