Federación PREDIF Illes Balears de Personas con Discapacidad Física

Predif-ib developes training activities addressed to different target groups such as socio-medical technicians and university post-graduated linked to the personal autonomy promotion, three editions of the conference of Good practices in personal autonomy, workshops for the promotion of the health and the prevention of accidents and pathologies associated to the physical disability. Besides, the organization carries out different training measures related to job placement, employment search and the improvement of occupational and professional competencies.

Asociatia Fundatia H pentru invatamant la distanta destinat persoanelor cu handicap

Association ”H Foundation” is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation created in 1991. The mission of the association is to ensure equal opportunities to education and training for people with disabilities and for disadvantaged people. The association offers courses for professionals who are working with people with disabilities, for front desk operators who come into contact with people with disabilities and their parents, but also courses for parents who have children with disabilities.

Associazione COAT – Centro Orientamento Ausili Tecnologici Onlus

COAT is supporting the application of technological aids in the field of disability. The main role is to integrate teams in sanitary or school context to develop the best ways to overcome impairments by use of technological solutions (low-tec and high-tech). In the past 5 years, COAT became the Umbria Region reference for the technological support for AAC solutions as they are applied to various type of pathologies/diagnosis. Into specific, COAT is the main regional reference for assistive solutions for ALS, SM, Stroke survivals, Cerebral Palsy.. persons living at their homes.


MC2020 is the result of over 20 years of experience, challenges and lessons learned from an interdisciplinary group of professionals who share a common passion: educational innovation. MC2020 works to bring value to learning environments by researching, designing and developing different training programmes, inspired by innovative methodologies and pedagogical approaches such as storytelling (including digital storytelling), problem-based training, gamification, game-based learning, etc.

Virtual Campus Lda

Virtual Campus is a development, training and consulting SME in the areas of Technology Enhanced Learning , Serious Games and Information Systems. Virtual Campus has successfully produced multimedia e-learning contents for different platforms (desktops, mobile, tablet), in different environments (online, standalone) for different purposes (vocational training, emergency services, higher education, secondary education) and in different scopes (european projects, client contracts). 


Governorship of Istanbul (ISTANBUL VALILIGI) is the highest administrative authority in the city with a number of approximately 300 civil servants and giving service in various fields. Governorship of Istanbul is represented by “Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Social Studies and Projects” and “EU and Foreign Affairs” in the projects. Governorship of Istanbul (GOI) has protocols with different institutions for the projects in Istanbul. Moreover GOI governs The Board of European Union Compliance, Counselling and Guidance.