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    If you prefer you can download the case study from here.

    Concepts and skills introduced
    • Difficult situations and persons and how to deal with it.
    • Control techniques for a difficult character.
    • Conflict resolution
    • Empathy.

    Situation & Exercise
    Maria (58) take care of her aunt Liliana (91).
    Liliana is unmovable. She stay most of the time in bad and when she want to go somewhere she use the wheelchair. She is the type of woman who have all the time right and the others must do all that she want. Se have sleep problems even if she take pills. And she likes to speak on phone and make health analysis.
    Maria stay a bus stop away from Liliana and have a family. She is lucky that her husband help her a lot with the domestic problems, so she have a lot of time for Liliana.
    She must do everything for Liliana – from changing the diaper to clean the house, from shopping to appointments with doctors, etc. She stay most of the time with Liliana or around her to complete what she request.
    The daily work starts at 7-8 and finish in the same day or next day, depends on Liliana’s whims.
    She have all the time something to say and complain: the diaper it is not well, the food it is too cold/hot, you have put 1 slice of salami in addition or less, the butter is too cold, I want the other kind of … Or she want to eat something at noon and after Maria cooks she said that she do not eat that things.
    There are some days when Liliana make phone calls to different persons or pharmaceutical companies and speaks with hours. These are the good days for Maria. She can clean the house, wash or make some shopping. Liliana is focused only on the phone and talk. And she not complain to Maria at all, everything it is good.
    And there are other kind of days when Liliana want to do health analysis because she want. So, Maria must go to the doctors and take the list of analysis that Liliana wants to make, go to the polyclinic to ask a nurse to come to make the analyses, to go with the results at the doctors and buy the new drugs. Or if Liliana request, she must spoke with some doctors and they come at home for consultation. Of course, it happened few times that during the night Liliana call her to request the analysis or a doctor because she feel sick.
    Liliana do not understand or care that Maria have her own needs and family. This is the big problem that make Maria feel from time to time angry. She do not have enough time for herself. But she think that she is the only relative for Liliana and if she not help her who else can do? Or who can support Liliana when she is so difficult even with her which is a relative. She have tried to speak with Liliana about some free time. Liliana agree that Maria need time for herself and she said that starting the next day she will not stay too much with her. But in the next day Liliana forgot and …. It is like a never-ending story.

    Now that you have read about this case, try to reflect on what happened within the framework of the dealing with a difficult character you have acquired through PeerCare.
    Try to reflect on these issues:
    • What you should do if you are in Maria’s situation?
    • In your opinion, what can Maria do to make her aunt to take into consideration Maria needs and requests?
    • What can Maria improve on her daily actions to have a life with her family?


    In fact, being a caregiver requires having some patience, everyday is different and we have to deal with the problems that merge.
    Working on our empathy is so important, good job on this module and thank you for the help!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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